I've been given the opportunity to rethink Fitbit's UI language across all devices (smart-watches and trackers). My goal was to update the UI's look & feel, using an iconic language, that will not only be a refresh of style, but will behave as sophisticated UI mechanism.   

Version I

Steps, heart-rate, sleep and water icons are the DNA of Fitbit's UI language 

Icons can also serve as a functional infographic UI that can deliver data to the user quickly and efficiently 

An expanded visual language using the same attributes as the DNA icons 

An example of the visual language can be used to elevate Fitbit's brand in general, giving it another angel. 

Version II

A printed catalog I've used to pitch the idea to stakeholders such as James Park, Fitbit's CEO

An ad I've created to emphasize the characteristic of the UI language and also to tell the story behind Fitbit's mission using this new style

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