Tips make up ~7% of driver earnings and are important for driver satisfaction beyond earnings. I've led the design on post-ride experience, focusing mainly on increasing driver's tips. In less thanĀ a year, the team managed to increase tips by 21% (V1). Once accomplished, I've focused to increase the quality of the screen's UI, resulting in an organized, polished and scalable design as well as other methods to help users tip their drivers
Three main stages to the project: V0 was tipping the screen prior to an over all app-redesign. V1 was the result of 8 experiments increasing tips by 20% but the end result was rather messy. The final version kept tipping neutral but increased the overall design quality of the screen. Freeing up more real estate for other teams to operate in the post-ride experience 
Since 40% of the users interact with the app while in-ride. The ability to enable in-ride tipping, made sense. The result was +2.5% tips and +1.7% of rides with tips 
Future ideas for improving the tipping experience by reducing the overall friction for taking the next ride. On the left side is a banner that will appear on the home screen instead of the current blocking full-screen experience. On the right is using iOS notification capabilities 
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